About this Site

Why 26 Letters? Well, there are 26 letters in the English alphabet; isn’t it amazing what we can do with them all? The phrase “26 letters” reminds me that even those concepts that at first seem hopelessly complicated and unfathomable can be reduced to their most basic building blocks, and thus conquered!

In editing, those building blocks are clarity, coherence, and consistency. If we can bring those qualities to a work, then both audience and author will be well-served.

About Me

I completed my MA in English in 2007. Since then I have worked as a university bookstore coursepack coordinator, as a lab administrator / project manager for a digital humanities research group (ETCL), and as a bookstore co-owner / manager (Talisman Books & Gallery).  I do copyediting and technical editing “on the side,” but hope one day to make it my full time job.

I love living on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, where you can smell the ocean whenever it rains. I am an avid reader and knitter, and I also enjoy watching movies, cooking, and going for aimless walks in nice weather. This site’s Blog is where you can find out more about my life.

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